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"Relationships and Busting Patterns" Tracy Crossley

PictureRelationship Expert Tracy Crossley
Ever Wonder How Your Relationships May Be Holding You Back From Abundance?
Intuitive Coach "Relationships and Busting Patterns" Tracy Crossley is here to share applicable tips and strategies to: produce lucrative business results | reduce anxiety & stress | alleviate depression & anger | achieve & surpass goals | improve relationships | increase mental clarity | gain energy & inner peace.
For the next 30 minutes, listen to this LIVE podcast as Jo-Anne Vandermeulen & Tracy Crossley sizzle with energy as they engage in this amazing conversation.
To learn more about Tracy:
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"Breast Cancer Survivor" Margaret Phalor Barnhart

PictureCancer Survivor Margaret Barnhart
Inspirational Testimony: Breast Cancer Survivor Margaret Phalor Barnhart 
Meet an amazing woman, Margaret Phalor Barnhart, who is living a victorious life. Capturing her spiritual identity, Marge has a HUGE heart and is willing to share with all. Her God-driven mission in life is to expose her book, “Journey Unknown” to as many cancer patients and those affected with cancer…AND including: nurses and doctors; pastors and chaplains; hospice staff and volunteers; and social workers—for all those who are need a true inspiration and words of encouragement. Marge shares her uplifting chronological story through a compilation of poems, illustrations, art work, and ‘real’ expressive feelings. This read is an uplifting journey of one woman’s battle against the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma of breast cancer. I recommend you meeting and following Margaret today. 
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Internationally Known Speaker, Consultant, and Author Norm Spitzig

PictureAdvisor Norm Spitzig
Author Norm Spitzig (qua Clive Endive Ogive IV) is a principal and senior partner in the Master Club Advisors, an internationally recognized successful entrepreneur, leading business consultant, and humorous speaker on a variety of important business and lifestyle topics. If you enjoy reading whimsical humor about private club life, political satires, and international intrigue’, Norm’s latest release “Soul on Nice” is the book for you. His groundbreaking book, Perspectives on Club Management, now over a quarter-century old, continues to inspire and challenge private club owners, directors, managers, and students around the world. Norm, qua Clive Endive Ogive IV, is also the more recent author of two hilarious and insightful books, Private Clubs in America and around the World and Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, both of which are available at .
To learn more about Norm:, and
Tweet: @ClivetheClubGuy 
"Soul On Nice" by Norm Spitzig Bk trailer -
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'Restoration From Life' Rachel Pappas

PictureRachel Pappas
Hope and inspiration wrapped and intricately woven within this POWERFUL 30 minute podcast on TALK RADIO NETWORK. Feel instant peace listening to author Rachel Pappas share her story on restoration. Mother/daughter relationship troubles, bipolar disorders, and then cancer--she has learned to conquer even the most difficult challenges. Rachel’s vibrant encouraging voice—an inspiration to ALL. Today you will be uplifted to unbelievable heights! Rachel is a health writer for lifestyle magazines and national trade publications. She teaches therapeutic writing at cancer support groups, presents for National Alliance on Mental Illness, and teaches college writing classes. Don’t miss us here as you will be uplifted to unbelievable heights!
To learn more about Rachel: Website -
Order this true test of courage and determination paperback - 
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'Fearless Living' Rhonda Britten

PictureRhonda Britten
Enjoy this vibrant LIVE show as YOU will learn how to begin living fearless in every area of your life—relationships, business, and social. American’s #1 Life Coach, RHONDA BRITTEN--repeat OPRAH Guest, Emmy Award Winner, 4x Best-Selling author and creator of the syndicated Reality Show, “FEARLESS LIVING”, will provide applicable principals for all of as to inspire and be able to *conquer all obstacles* in life. Now is the time to the ‘life your soul intended’.
To learn more about Rhonda:
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'Build Your Platform' Dr. Judith Briles

PictureDr. Judith Briles
JUDITH BRILES is the chief visionary officer of, author, speaker & consultant, radio show host, and is here to share her secrets on business success. As any business owner, entrepreneur or author…are you wondering HOW YOU CAN BUILD YOUR PLATFORM to stand out from the rest of the ‘heavy’ competition? Listen to ‘us’ sizzle with energy as we will explicitly elaborate user-friendly techniques—how YOU can implement a simple yet effective method in order for you to stand out from the rest (an incredible competition…BUT NOT!), and have successful results. May seem daunting at first…BUT, trust us ‘ol timers… ALL IS DOABLE.
To learn more about Judith and ‘Authors to Become Seriously

Successful: Websites: and 
Or phone: Skype: Judith.Briles
303-885-2207 ~ 303-627-9184 Fax
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Amanda's Husband MICHAEL W. BROWN

PictureMichael W. Brown
Michael W. Brown’s wife, Amanda, died in his arms beneath a dark blanket…but there is light. He is here to share the ‘shining lining’ as Amanda’s story lives on—providing a love story with a happy ending.
Determined to fulfill Amanda’s dying wishes, Michael’s love for her grows as he continues to educate ALL about Melanoma. As in so many cases, the once thought harmless skin abrasion turned into a deadly weapon. 
“Finding N-E-D” is Amanda’s book. After Michael completed it for her, he continues to promote: TV news, radio shows, giving talks in schools, marching across the states, and signing copies to the fortunate readers who purchase the treasure, “Finding N-E-D”, to support Amanda’s dream—to spread the news about cancer prevention.
For more information: 


PictureJonathan Maxwell
AUTHOR JONATHAN MAXWELL is well known for his first previous release, "Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS”
According to many readers: 
“Mr. Maxwell's book should be required reading in all classes on Holocaust study for high school students and adults”. 
Jonathan’s latest “Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes: A book about Lies, Legends, and the Search for the Missing Link” has him nominated for Georgia Author of the Year in the History Category.
Stay tuned to learn more about Jonathan Maxwell (his advice for the struggling author & today’s publishing changes) and more in depth discussion around the themes from his latest release—a lighthearted examination of scientific frauds through history.
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Relationship Expert ROSS ROSENBERG

PictureRoss Rosenberg
Not only will you discover how to achieve balance and inner peace; but also, to become more empowered in love, sex, and relationships. The mystery is solved—no more self-sabotaging relationship patterns! 
Psychotherapist and certified addiction specialist Ross Rosenberg is here to share his wealth of knowledge on understanding the ‘Human Magnet Syndrome’. 
As a national seminar speaker on the topic of “Emotional Manipulators & Codependents: Understanding the Attraction”, Ross will reveal how you or your client can overcome the most seemingly overwhelming obstacles.
Note: For those who work in social services, education, chemical dependency or the counseling fields, Ross is ready to reveal his secret or ‘golden-rule’ for helping others.
For more information and to order the brilliant book: “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.”  
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Book Marketing Expert PENNY C. SANSEVIERI

PicturePenny C. Sanserieri
Educating authors about selling takes a collaboration of promotional 
experts. This evening’s special guest is one of my many brilliant team members…Penny C Sansevieri. Penny is an internationally recognized book marketing & media relations expert, the CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, and she is also a best-selling author. Her latest books are short-reads yet packed with valuable content. Authors love them!
To learn more about Penny and snag her awesome tips
AND to order her latest release: “How to Sell Your Books by the Truckload on” 
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Motivational Speaker Sue London

PictureSue London
Need a push to rev-up and fully participate in your business endeavors? 
All is attainable right now! 
Radio host, life coach, and motivational speaker SUE LONDON is fired-up to energize your soul. She is thrilled to share valuable tips on how you can help yourself—become inspired and empowered to move toward your business dreams.
Conquering her own obstacles, Sue has turned her previous devastation into flourishing opportunities and authored “Sour Above It All—Overcoming Adversities in Life”. With her experiences and various spiritual techniques, in the next 30 minutes, Sue will leave you totally inspired.
To learn more about Sue London -

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Computer Optimization Expert Nathan Chambers

PictureNathan Chambers
Time means money…and we cannot afford a slow computer.
No need to trash your ‘trusted’ computer, or worse…lose all your valuable content, files, plugins, etc. 
Nathan Chambers is located in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada and has been tweaking computers for 20 years. Although he runs a home business, fixing windows computers to make them go faster, he also updates a blog site packed with a simple series guide showing the world followers how to make their own computers faster, safer, and more efficient to run.
This evening, I welcome Nathan Chambers so we can snag valuable computer optimization tips, learn how to protect privacy, prevent a possible computer crash—saving money and reducing stress.
To tap into his user-friendly and valuable content: 
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Singer/Song Writer and Author Lori Finnila

PictureLori Finnila
As of 2 years ago, LORI FINNILA is a survivor of violence. The injuries to her head from the impact of a gunshot wound were too substantial for her to continue her past radio show, 'Women Empowerment', BUT…she has turned this devastation into an opportunity. 
This 30 minute audio podcast is one POWERFUL testimony you won’t want to miss.
LORI FINNILA is a model/actress, singer/song writer, author, publisher, and Talk Show Host. Especially in the past 2 years, she has conquered her own obstacles to become the success she is today. 
Now, Lori’s mission is to bring hope and inspiration to ALL. Through taped segments and her professionally published book (priced FREE to other survivors), she graciously dedicates her time to other women who suffer from abuse. 
Refusing to submit her power of determination and courage over to the source, Lori Finnila nourishes her soul by spreading her gift of remarkable strength to others. Today, Lori is working on an album 'Voices of Woman' to spread her message of encouragement and love. Her determination and courage lives on regardless of her past. 
To learn more about LORI FINNILA: or
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Legally Blind Author DANIEL SAYNUK

PictureDaniel Saynuk
Legally blind writer Daniel Saynuk has a special fondness for guide dogs. His own beloved guide dog helps him more easily live his life in his home town of Baltimore, Maryland. Daniel began writing stories while pursuing his Business Administration degree, and established his own company to bring this book to life. He is passionate about educating others about the valuable services guide dogs provide to the visually impaired. 
To learn more about Daniel:
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Walking with the Lord - JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN

PictureJo-Anne Vandermeulen
 LISTEN NOW! (15 minutes) LIVE – Jo-Anne Vandermeulen guests on Blogtalkradio "Beauty For Ashes with Jasmine Franklin" – Discussing Jo-Anne’s relationship with Christ, her inspiration in writing her books, how she got in radio, and how she balances her time with so many talents that she has.
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Astrological Expert and Author ANNE NORDHAUS-BIKE

PictureAnne Nordhaus-Bike
Are you inspired by nature and by spiritual and mystical subjects? Are you interested in Astrological signs and where you fit to make the most of your energy when writing or marketing your business?
If you answered YES, to either one of these questions…THIS SHOW "Astrology for 2013: Special Tips for Writers and Business Operators" IS FOR YOU!
3rd time Special Guest on TRN and known for her motivational speaking and wealth of information, we welcome ANNE NORDHAUS-BIKE.
Anne Nordhaus-Bike is president of ANB Communications. The author of the award-winning “Living in Harmony” astrology column for the Gazettenewspaper in Chicago, has won several journalism awards and has been added to the "Wall of Fame" of the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY. 
Anne has dedicates most of her efforts to writing, astrology, art, and performance. She frequently combines her talents to create multimedia works—focusing on themes inspired by nature and by spiritual and mystical subjects.
Anne's astrology and art book, “Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony”—reviews each astrological sign, shares simple yet powerful ideas for making the most of that sign’s energies and opportunities, and shows how a public figure born under that Sun sign expressed its energies.
To learn more about your Sun sign - 
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Star Power Astrology with SUZAN HAYDEN

PictureSuzan Hayden
Redirect your ENERGY TODAY! No matter how traumatic your past/present….THE POWER OF ASTROLOGY can CHANGE YOUR FUTURE. SUZAN HAYDEN is an Astrologer/Life Coach of . Her latest release (coming this Spring) is called, "Star Power Astrology (Your red carpet guide to living a totally fabulous life)". Be ENTERTAINED listening to the dynamic speaker, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, as she sizzles with energy as she receives Suzan’s demonstration by reading her astrological sign. Suzan will talk about how YOU can redirect challenging traits into positive ones just by using your energies in different ways by using Jo-Anne as an example. Suzan Hayden’s must buy book, “Star Power Astrology” will guide you through how THIS POWER worked for 50 outstanding stars from DaVinci to Oprah and how it can work for YOU.
Follow Suzan - and 
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Professional Body Guard and Prolific Writer NICHOLAS BLACK

PictureNicholas Black
NICHOLAS BLACK is not only GORGEOUS and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT (with an IQ of Darwin and Mozart); but also, a prolific writer fearless to share AMAZING dark, twisted, morosely humorous adventures in 10 written fiction/nonfiction and ‘how to’ books (most were manifested while on the run from INTERPOL, dodging cops and bullets and ex-girlfriends). Nicholas Black is a former member of the US NAVY, and the French Foreign Legion. He fought professionally in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and had won two world titles in the process. He has done stunts with Chuck Norris (Walker: Texas Ranger), defused explosives, hit targets at +1,000 meters, made America's Most Wanted list, worked with "Freeway" Ricky Ross, co-written with Jimmy DaSaint, and met the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was a professional bodyguard—previous clients were Hollywood actors and others were the East Coast Mobster kind. Be ENTERTAINED listening to the dynamic speaker, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, as she sizzles with energy and attempts to tap into the more vulnerable side of this INCREDIBLE man.
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Prolific Writer JAY M. LONDO

PictureJay M. Londo
Be ENTERTAINED listening to the dynamic speaker, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, as she sizzles with energy and introduces her special guest, prolific Author JAY M. LONDO. Currently, Jay is excitedly penning his 11th—a SURVIVOR NOVEL. With 6 published books, Jay writes in a variety of genres—ranging from sci-fi, dark-thriller, mystery, adventure, survival, world war two, period- romance, and even children books. Now ALL are available at Amazon, and all the other book sites, in paperback and eBook format…with 100% royalties donating directly into a fund set up for his Autistic son. 
Interact and contact Jay TODAY -
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PictureValerie J. Lewis Coleman
Your book is polished and ready to submit. Do you choose TRADITIONAL, SMALL, or SELF PUBLISHING?
As a best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman has helped aspiring authors from across the world navigate the challenges of self-publishing. With over ten years of experience in the book business, this expert divulges industry secrets on avoiding the top five mistakes made by new authors, pricing your book to sell and identifying dishonest publishers. Her dynamic presentation and knowledge of the business takes writers from pen to paper to publish as they master self-publishing to make money! 
Her books succeed as a self-published author! Winning multiple and Christian Associations Awards, and TODAY Valerie is here to share *The Wealth of Knowledge with Others*.
Publisher at Pen Of The Writer. To learn more and interact, click HERE!
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Pump Up Your Book Coordinator CHERYL C. MALANDRINOS

PictureCheryl C. Malandrinos
Cheryl C. Malandrinos has been coordinating virtual book tours through Pump Up Your Book since September 2007. She is a freelance writer, children’s author and editor. A member of the SCBWI, she is also a book reviewer and blogger.
Visit Cheryl:
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December 9thGain Courage to ‘Speak-Up’ and Follow Your Dreams!

PictureMarie Summers - Ms. Reason
Inspirational advocate MS REASON (Marie Summers) believes it Imperative to Unite the Creative and Beautiful Artists. She has been through it all. Never afraid to share her thoughts and is always ready to speak-up and help others. Marie shares her wisdom through writing and her radio show—The Ms. Reason Show (focusing on “Uniting Artists” The creative beautiful people). She has published poetry, books and now extends her wisdom as a motivational speaker and life-coach. All Marie’s amazing inspirational ‘voice’ shows through with her core of well-being—positive self-esteem and potential personal growth. Just listening to her, during this 30 minute podcast, you will gain the courage to ‘Speak-Up’ and follow your dreams.

To listen to her shows:
Contact Marie:
View her website for AMAZING content:
Follow Marie on Facebook:
Follow Marie on Twitter:     
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December 16thMake a Difference Today: How To Speak To Be Heard and Listen with Empathyso VERY EMPOWERING!

PictureEffective Communication Allan London
Fire-fighter, Allan London, has pretty well seen it all and has filled the courageous role of self-sacrifice for more than 3 decades. His effective communication has been a lifesaver for thousands. Allan is now ready to share his secrets. 
Empowering experiences we can learn from and apply to our business, family/relationships, and our own well-being. Author Allan London of his latest release: “The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer” is a book filled with remarkable stories and wisdom of noble service. For the next 30 minutes you will hear the ‘inside-scoop’ of Allan’s true passion and vulnerability—enticing you to step out of the comfort zone, leap that needed extra faith, conquer all obstacles, and to persevere in your life adventures—a dream come true all due to effective communication even among the most strenuous circumstances.
Allan London’s Website:
Purchase “The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer” or Contact ALLAN LONDON today:

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December 30 - 7 Choices You Can Make To Achieve Your Personal Best!

PictureWorld Vision Rep. Grace Fox
Your sanity, peace, serenity, happiness, and health are immeasurable to the comparison of your struggles of fear, inadequacy, anxiety when confronted with daily challenges of change and rejection. There is HOPE. There are AMAZING doors ready to open for opportunities. More than you have never even dreamt. You can conquer these struggles and persevere knowing these *7 choices you can make to achieve your personal best*.
Guaranteed…this 30 minute podcast will be worth your time.
You will experience a Spiritual Awakening—a life changing attitude and acceptance for the GOOD.
The daring, deep, and devoted and World Vision Representative Grace Fox (a repeated guest on ‘100 Huntley Street’, ‘It’s A New Day’ and ‘The Harvest Show’) is here to share her valuable experience and knowledge—proven to have helped millions.
Enjoy and bask in YOU!
Website:  Blog:

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